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Windows Surface Tablet: To Buy or Not To Buy

News and reviews have come out! Windows' counterpart to already-released tablets PCs is here - the Windows Surface Tablet.

Preliminary revelations on the specs were given but there are still a lot to know about these so-called gamebreaker offering from Windows, probably a marketing strategy by the company to keep the people interested and wanting for more.

Here is a video showcasing Surface.

The Best Places To Hold Your Wedding Reception

Wedding receptions allow the newlyweds to unwind and celebrate with their family and friends. There is food, music, laughter and a lot of fun. I have been to hundreds of wedding receptions in all of my 43 years and I must say that the choice of venue has a lot to do with the success of the celebration. If you want a wedding reception like no other, you must exert every effort possible in finding the perfect venue for your party. It has to be a place that is not only comfortable but also accessible, easy to find and large enough to fit in all of your guests.

The best wedding receptions I attended were the ones held in casual party halls. They are inexpensive and allow you and your party guests to act normally. You do not need to stay formal all the time. You can dance and party the night away without anybody hushing you.

You can also hold your wedding reception in your favorite restaurant. If you are a regular and valued customer, they just might close the whole place to give way to your party. This way, you get the privacy you want and all your favorite dishes.

If you want a more formal setting, then you can go for a wedding reception in one of your favorite hotels. I have attended a lot of wedding receptions in hotels and they always made me feel special and quite sophisticated.

More affordable alternatives include community halls, Church halls and the beautiful garden of your ancestral home.