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How To Have A Memorable and Extraordinary Party                      

If you want your celebration to be remembered by guests for years, it is important to consider how you will decorate your venue. The decorations are the first thing that your guests will see when they enter the party hall. And as the party winds down and the guests get ready to go home, the decorations are also one of the last things that will leave an imprint in their minds. I know this because I have seen many parties and celebrations that made lasting impressions on the guests simply by way of their beautiful and creative decorations.


When you decorate party halls, there are four things that you need to consider. First off, you need to think of your budget. How much are you willing to spend? Does your decoration concept complement your budget? The first time that I organized a big party, I made a mistake of taking the budget for granted by buying expensive décor items. I had to find ways to augment the expenses for the other important aspects of the party. Do not make the same mistake; work on your set budget. If there are things on your list that may be expensive, look for cheaper alternatives. Or get your creative juices flowing and make the decorations yourself.


You decoration choices should complement the theme or motif of the party. When I organized a hippie-themed party, I filled the party hall with a lot of flowers and hang different hippie cut-outs on the ceiling. For the table centerpieces, I created a vase of peace and love signs made out of colored boards.


Before you finalize the decorations, visit the party hall and find out how big the space you will need to decorate is. Party halls have different table lay outs or arrangements, so you should also pay attention to this aspect. Also, pay attention to the lighting as you can incorporate this into your over-all decoration concept.


Decorate the party hall hours before the celebration. It will even be better if you can set up the decorations at least one day before the event as this will allow you to make changes, if they should be necessary.

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